We're thrilled to share that Peppa Penny is an unregistered provider with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). We are able to service Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS plans. 

What's an NDIS Unregistered Provider

Many small businesses and service providers choose not to register with the NDIS because the process takes a lot of time and financial resources. These providers are known as unregistered providers, which is what we are.

Self Managed NDIS Plan

This plan allows participants to take charge of their funding and services. With a Self Managed plan, you have the control and flexibility to select, arrange, and pay for the services you need, as long as they align with the goals outlined in your NDIS plan.

Plan Managed NDIS

PlanWhen participants have a registered plan manager to help them manage their funding and services. The plan manager is responsible for taking care of the selection, purchasing, financial, and administrative aspects of the plan on behalf of the participant.