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Upside Down 360Ml Peri Bottle For Postpartum Healing - Bubba Bump


What is a peri bottle used for?  The peri bottle is used for rinsing your perineum with warm water after you give birth.

The small holes in the spout give you a gentle spray of water – offering relief from that awful sting if you're recovering from a tear, have stitches or are swollen. 

We're not going to sugarcoat it: your vag will be sore, possibly torn, possibly stitched, and peeing will make it feel like it's on fire.  Our peri bottle will be a lifesaver. Do you use a peri bottle after the c-section?

The location of your incision makes bending over difficult and mobility limited, so have an upside down peri bottle to help with cleanup without putting pressure or soreness on the wound site.