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The Colour-Me-In Baby Book - A Baby Keepsake Book as Unique as your Tiny Human

This gender-neutral baby keepsake book is screaming for you to make it your own. Soak up life’s priceless moments with your baby, grab your markers and photos and turn this monochrome baby journal into a timeless memento you’ll cherish for generations to come. The absolutely unique result will be the heartwarming blend of your imagination and your tiny human’s unrivalled genius.

What makes this baby keepsake book so cool?

Family life with a new baby throws plenty of epic moments at you. Moments that need to be lived to be believed and deserve to be documented for generations to come. We’re talking the ups and downs of parenting: From that missed morning meeting because your tiny human slept through for the first time ever (hooray!) or the biggest poonami at the shops that one time when you forgot the change of clothes at home. It’s all part of the crazy ride with a little one!

Across 90 pages, the Colour-Me-In Baby Book guides you through the very first encounters with your bub before birth all the way through to their 5th birthday.

Each page features make-me-your-own illustrations by Blueberry Co Founder, Chloe Watts, and the countless prompts call your creative genius to action (even if you’re new at this game called craft!). Every luxurious page is designed to hold life’s snippets such as photos, artworks and any other bits and bobs you want to treasure.

Then it’s time to grab your favourite pens, pencils or water-based markers so you can add the finishing touches and turn your baby memory book into a lifelong keepsake that preserves your personal touches (and the many belly laughs) for eternity.

What to expect?

The Colour-Me-In Baby Book arrives on your doorstep as the complete package:

  • 90 spiral-bound A4 pages including:

    • 8 pages to document your pregnancy journey and birth story

    • 12 double page spreads to capture each month in the first year

    • 5 double page spreads to treasure every year up to 5 years old

    • 10 custom pages to add your own memories

    • Countless prompts to capture firsts, milestones, birthdays and the priceless craziness

    • Bonus section: About mum & dad (so you can shine too)

    • Monochrome make-me-your-own illustrations for colouring in

    • Acid-free PEFC certified paper (sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests): Artist quality 200gsm inner pages and 350gsm cover

    • Black and white design so you can truly make it your own

    • Expandable design that expands as you add life’s treasures

    • Easy to fill out so you can get on with making memories

    • British English spelling

    • Designed, printed and bound in Australia by small businesses

    • Use with your favourite pens, pencils and water-based markers