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Silicone Suction Bowl - Zen - Snuggle Hunny


Our Snuggle Silicone Bowls are the perfect bowl for babies and toddlers. We designed these bowls with a curved lip that allows the spoon to be levelled before feeding and to help you get all those last bits of food. This bowl comes in our beautiful Zen Blue.

Having two toddlers and having used lots of bowls where the suction wasn't good enough we designed these with maximum suction; we definitely don't want bowls flying across the kitchen!

Our silicone range is made with premium LFGB silicone. LFGB silicone is a premium grade silicone. LFGB testing regulations are the toughest of all international standards where the silicone material must pass more intensive testing compared to FDA (USA) silicone testing. Basically it's really good silicone and safe for bub.


Super easy to clean, our Zen Blue Bowl matches beautifully with much of our range so your bub can look stylish as they eat, even if the end result is messy!

  • Curved lip to aid feeding and learning

  • Suction bottom to stick to table/ tray

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Made from LFGB Silicone