Sensory Activity Tray - Mentari


Embark on a sensory adventure with this sweet wooden sensory board. A delightful toy designed to engage and captivate a little one's senses. This imaginative board features seven removable chunky shapes, each offering a unique sensory experience. 

Key Features:

  • Honeycomb Harmony: Peer through the honeycomb shape for a visual treat, stimulating colour recognition.

  • Clackity Green Cylinder: Make some noise! The green cylinder delights with a satisfying clacking sound.

  • Shakeable Leaf: A leaf that shakes! Listen to the gentle beads inside, enhancing auditory exploration.

  • Furry Feline Fun: Stroke the soft fur fabric on the back of the cat for a tactile adventure.

  • Squeaky Flower: Press the flower to produce a whimsical squeak, adding an auditory surprise.

  • Belle of the House: Shake the bell inside the house shape for a delightful jingle.

  • Starlit View: Peer through the coloured lens in the star, promoting colour and shape recognition.

Good For:

  • Colour and Shape Recognition: Foster early learning through vibrant colours and diverse shapes.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Hone essential motor skills as little hands interact with the engaging features.

Suitable for ages: 24 months+