Bobo & Boo

Plant-Based Cutlery Set - Green - Bobo & Boo


Say adiós to arguments over who gets to use the fun fork and spoon, once and for all!

Look, we all know that ice cream tastes better when it’s eaten with a cute spoon. (so does jelly. And yoghurt. And cake. Okay, basically everything). And what kid doesn’t love to twirl their pasta with a colourful fork that’s made especially for mini-humans with big appetites?

Free from melamine (aka the yucky stuff), our spoon and fork combo makes mealtimes (and sneaky snacks) way more fun!

And since they’re made from all-natural and sustainable plant-based fibres, they’re as healthy and good for your little ones as that fruit salad you’ve served up for morning tea.

Armed with superhero powers of being both microwave and dishwasher safe, our cutlery is also biodegradable and compostable, which means they’ll naturally breakdown if your kids decide to bury them in the sandpit. (don’t laugh; we’ve seen it happen. )

Includes 1 fork & 1 spoon 13cm