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Picnies Outdoor Bowls – Mermaid - We Might Be Tiny


Picnies® Bowl Set Mermaid

- The sturdy & stunning silicone outdoor dinnerware bowls Let’s make mediocre outdoor dinnerware a thing of the past with this range of Picnies® Bowls.

We Might Be Tiny Picnies® are designed to lift your dining experiences one family outing at a time. Whether you’re enjoying a Sunday BBQ in the park or a lazy afternoon at home by the pool, these outdoor dinnerware bowls have your back.

Every Picnies® Set includes 2 sturdy & stackable food-grade silicone bowls that will serve you well out and about or in the comfort of your backyard without taking up unnecessary space in your picnic set or your kitchen. The generous, textured bowl edges make it easy for small and bigger hands to get a firm grip and prevent sliding-bowl accidents or disasters.