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Made for: Postpartum mamas Use me: Perineum + c-section postpartum healing Hey there perineum, we know it’s hellsa ouch being torn, bruised and stitched up. Give your peri a little love and she’ll give you a lot back. This oft-forgotten nook of your lady-bits can get a ripe beating on the big day, as she supports your hoohah during that heavenly-heaving.

This healing spray works to soothe and calm an angry peri as she works to collect herself following the big day, while its antiseptic qualities aid in fighting bacteria and infection. This cooling blend of certified organic witch hazel, lavender oil and frankincense has been formulated specifically for peri’s peace of mind (and yours!) in the days and weeks following birth.

While we’re at it, here’s another word for you: hemorrhoids. Yep, spray on the affected area and our healing love will extend to the good ol’ roids as well. Pays to have happy neighbours.