Oh Baby Hair + Body Wash - Maleni


At Maleni Kids, we understand the unique needs of your little ones, Oh Baby Hair + Body Wash is specifically designed for children aged 4 and under with sensitive skin and delicate hair.

Gentle Formulation: Our fragrance-free lightweight formula is crafted to cleanse and nourish both the hair and body without causing any irritation. We have carefully selected ingredients to cater to the needs of sensitive skin and delicate hair, making bath time a soothing and calming experience for your child.

Natural Ingredients: Infused with Australian Native the Waratah, Manuka Honey, and Organic Chamomile Extract, our product harnesses the power of nature to provide a gentle yet powerful solution. These natural ingredients work harmoniously to protect and nurture sensitive skin and delicate hair, leaving your child feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Give your child the gentle care they need with Maleni Kids. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their skin and hair are in good hands.