Jack N Jill

Musical Electric Toothbrush - Jack N Jill


Jack 'n Jill Kids Electric Toothbrush is new and improved for more brushing fun for kids. Kids will love buzzing along with the instructional song as they brush their teeth. We can't promise that it won't drive you crazy, but it sure will get your kids brushing their teeth! This electric children's toothbrush has 3 settings with a two minute auto shut off in all modes: a musical audio track; spoken instructional prompts; and silent.

The Jack 'n Jill Kids toddler electric toothbrush is made with recycled and (recyclable) ABS handle and super soft DuPont nylon bristles. It uses 2 AA batteries and comes with 6 cute bubble stickers so your child can personalise their toothbrush. The battery compartment is child safe, with screw access.

  • New & Improved design

  • Recycled handle with extra soft bristles for gentle brushing

  • Rotary design soft vibrations with replaceable heads

  • New matte finish

  • Custom silicone Buzzy button activator

  • Tri-color LED to indicate 3 modes

  • Child-safe battery compartment with screw access

  • Water resistant - Tested to International standards

  • 3 Years +

  • Make it personal - 6 bubble stickers included!

  • Zero waste packaging

  • Uses 2 AA Batteries (not included)

To Use: Insert/remove batteries pull firmly on the base of your Buzzy Brush. Select setting and enjoy brushing.

Note: This brush is compatible with V2 replacement heads only.

Happy Brushing!