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Marshmallow Animal Teether Set - Tikiri


An adorable collection of 3 all rubber teethers that are great for little hands to grab and squeeze. Features a little bell that rattles inside to delight and entertain little ones. This set comes with a crocodile, horse and elephant all in a pastel colour. The full set comes with a lovely little bag to keep them safe. Fully enclosed for hygiene safety. 

Fully enclosed for hygiene safety. Made from sustainable GOLS certified natural rubber

Suitable for ages: Newborn and up


Tikiri toys  are all made from pure natural rubber.

Pure natural rubber - we can say this because we don’t add any preservatives or agents to the rubber compounds, this keeps our products as non toxic as possible which is great for the environment and also for the young babies that play with them. 

However because we don’t add anything it means that we really need to follow the care instructions because if we don’t then problems will appear. 

So here are some tips on keeping your Tikiri Toys in tip top condition. 

After being played with bath toys should be dried really well and then taken out of the bathroom and stored in a different room. 

We say this because this is a natural product, if it is left damp and kept in the bathroom where the air is moist and warm then over time the toys can develop mould spots. 

Mould loves to grow in warm damp conditions so it is going to really love growing on our toys as they are super cute too. This is one of the reason we don’t have a hole in any of our toys so mould can’t grow on the inside, where you can’t see it. 

If mould does grow wash with hot soapy water and a wipe down should get rid of it.