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Lunchbox with Snack Spinner - Sage Green - Gobe Kids


The ALL NEW GoBe Lunchbox is designed for maximum snack-tastic fun!

The unique design, complete with carrying handle, bento compartment, and Snack Spinner combo, keeps things all together in one convenient package.

It's the perfect lunchbox for kids taking lunch wherever their busy lives take them. Its airtight compartment keeps food fresh, and the five compartments in the Snack Spinner appeal to the snacking mood of the moment. Conveniently pack all the good stuff for variety and convenience. 


  • Comes with original small Snack Spinner, or use your own!

  • Measures 11" wide x 2.25" deep x 6.6" tall (8.5" tall including carrying handle)

  • Airtight seal on Lunchbox compartment

  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free (only the best materials)

  • Original snack spinner pieces are dishwasher safe

  • Lunchbox shell is recommended hand-wash only


Your Snack Spinner comes apart into three pieces and is top-rack dishwasher safe! At first your lid may be hard to open/close due to tight leak-proof seal, but over time your Snack Spinner will become easier to open as friction softens the seal! 

Assembly & Disassembly:

To detach the lid, push apart the tabs on your Snack Spinner and pull the lid off.

You can now simply remove the bowl (the white section with 5 compartments) from the base (the bottom of the Snack Spinner).

To reassemble your Snack Spinner, first place the bowl back into the base of the Snack Spinner. Next, realign the lid with the notch in the base, adjacent to the base tab, and push closed.

Finally, snap the tabs together closed and enjoy!