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Little Mime Toddler Card Game - Djeco


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Places 4 "animals" on the table and explain to the children that these animals are lost and they must help them get home. To help them, they need to act like the animals’ mums. The first player begins. They secretly choose an animal from the table without telling anyone and copy what it says, what it does, or both. Cluck cluck... Woof ...Baaaaa... Ribbit .. 

Working together, the other players try to recognise what animal it is. When a player thinks they have recognised the animal, they say it out loud (or point at the picture for younger children): - If it is the right animal, then it can go home to its mother. The card is removed from the table as it has gone home. When all 4 animals have found their way home you have won!

Players: 2-4 Players.

Time: 5 Minutes.

Aim of the game: Help get the baby animals home by acting like their mother. 

**Tip:  For older players, stop working as a team and compete to be the player who recognises the animal the quickest.

Suitable for ages: 2.5+ years



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