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Happy Hearts Board Game - Mindful and Co Kids


Ignite Joy and Mindfulness with Our Happy Hearts Board Game!

Our Happy Hearts board game skillfully weaves science-backed mindfulness techniques, yoga, and breathing exercises into a lovingly made, hand-illustrated board game.

Designed to develop a growth mindset and ignite laughter, this game brings joy to playtime while nurturing important skills.

The game box includes

1 hand-illustrated game board, 1 dice, 4 player tokens, a how-to-play information card, and 30 beautifully crafted happy cards.

Cultivate gratitude, cognitive flexibility, and calm thoughts and actions while enjoying playful moments together.


Develops a growth mindset.

Increases cognitive flexibility.

Encourages calm thoughts and actions.

Promotes gratitude and joy.

Suitable for home, classrooms, and daycare centers.

Sustainable packaging and materials make this board game an eco-conscious choice. From kids aged 4 to 100 years old, everyone can enjoy and play our Happy Hearts.