Hammerhead, Mad’s Not Bad Board Book - Slumberkins


Promotes: Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution skills are essential in our daily lives, as we all encounter difficult situations that can lead to misunderstandings and tension. From time to time, experiences happen that may cause us to lose our temper, but with the right conflict management tools, such as those found in our helpful conflict resolution book, we can navigate these challenges more effectively. With Hammerhead’s support, children learn that mad feelings are okay and the children’s book serves as a valuable resource for managing conflict and difficult conversations. Sharing Hammerhead’s story with your child offers a loving reminder that they will always be loved, even when they make mistakes, promoting a positive approach to resolving conflict.


Reflect & Connect questions create space for meaningful conversations, emphasizing the importance of communication skills in managing conflict as well as supporting caregivers with the tools and resources they need to take the lead in their child’s emotional growth. If you're looking for ways to help your child navigate difficult situations and foster healthy conflict resolution, Hammerhead's story and the related conflict resolution books can be valuable assets in their journey toward effective conflict resolution and better relationship management.

Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind

Board Books measure 5"W x 7"L