John Deere

Fun Leaf Bubble Blower - John Deere


IMAGINATIVE, ACTIVE PLAY: Help around the yard with your very own bubble leaf blower!

 Blow a continuous stream of non-stop bubbles without losing your breath.

ENCOURAGES OUTSIDE PLAY: This battery-operated toy leaf blower is a fun way to get kids up and moving. Help encourage imagination and role play fun for awesome outdoor play.

OFFICIAL JOHN DEERE BUBBLES: Toddlers and kids will love having a farmtastic bubble bottle that looks just like a pretend gas can!

SAFE BUBBLE SOLUTION: The non-toxic bubbles are made with purified micro-filtered water and contain no phthalates or kathon to help create longer-lasting bubbles!

709ml BUBBLE SOLUTION: The 709ml bottle of bubble solution has an easy grip handle to make filling up bubble toys easy.