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Elf Pets - An Arctic Fox Tradition - Elf on the Shelf


Have you ever wondered how Santa makes it through the air undetected on Christmas Eve? Or how he’s able to visit millions of houses in one night? He is shielded by the mystical northern lights that appear every Christmas, thanks to a magical fox named Noorah and her arctic fox cubs. Find out how these enchanted creatures and hopeful children work together to create these astonishing lights and the snow that softens Santa’s landing on rooftops all over the world.

The set includes an illustrated storybook and a snuggly fox cub wearing a magical snow globe with glow-in-the-dark snow. Santa sends the fox cubs to encourage children to have hope. Once adopted, children shake their cub’s snow globe all season long to make sure Santa knows they believe in Christmas hope and magic! 

Santa’s Christmas Eve journey occurs in one night, thanks to an arctic fox that sets polar lights aglow—pausing time and protecting his sleigh! The Elf Pets™ Arctic Foxes inspire kids with a message of hope.


  • Beautifully illustrated storybook

  • Adorable arctic fox cub

  • Glow-in-the-dark snow in snow globe

  • Official adoption certificate

Everyone knows that on Christmas Eve, Santa’s Scout Elves say farewell to their familes and return to the North Pole. They must fly back in order to get to work helping Santa prepare for the next holiday season. However, do their furry counterparts head back, too? Where do Elf Pets® live during the year? We’ve got the answer below!

These fuzzy, friendly pals, the Elf Pets® Reindeer, Saint Bernard and Arctic Fox, are able to live with their families all year! They help Santa complete important Christmas duties such as flying his sleigh around the world, and they need your help! When you cuddle, hug and play with your pets all year long, you help activate the magic Santa needs each holiday. So even if you’re missing your Scout Elf, not to worry, hold your Elf Pets® close and play with them as often as you’d like. Together, you all can eagerly await for the next Christmas and for your favorite red-suited visitor to return!