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Dynamic Flash Set 54pcs - Magformers DISCOUNTED

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Dynamic Flash Set 54pcs

With a brand new piece – a rotating led light – and 9 different magnetic shapes, the dynamic flash is the creative builder’s dream toy.

You can make wonderful and interesting 3D models from a rocket to a moon buggy, or a fast ‘n’ furious tokyo night-time street racer. The new 360-degree rotating led light brings an amazing new dimension to anything you build and is fantastic for making bedside night lights.

Contains 12 triangles, 22 squares, isosceles triangles, rectangles, hexagons, trapezoids, arches, diamonds, sectors. Features 360 degree rotating led light, propeller and wheels. Use shapes to make mathematical 2D nets and 3D models like tetrahedrons etc.. Suitable for 3+


Discover the exciting and magical world of Magformers!

A World of exploration and discovery, limited only by your child’s imagination.

Magformers is an internationally award winning educational toy that is fun and engaging.

Magformers products are now third party STEM approved, so they are not just another toy, but one that is made to last and grow with your child. Children of different ages and abilities will develop different skills simply by “playing” with the pieces.

All Magformers products are compatible (with very minor exceptions), so as your child’s skills advances, you can add more shapes or other interactive pieces to continually expand your child’s development.

Magformers are made with the highest quality BPA-free hard plastic, with rotating magnet safely encapsulated, so building is made easy for little hands, developing important finger strength and fine motor skills.