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Cradle Cap Oil 30ml - B2B Essentials


Most common in the first few months after birth, cradle cap is the name given to the yellowish scales that appear on a baby's scalp. It is very common and is probably caused by hormones from the mother. These hormones cross the placenta before birth causing the oil glands in the skin to become overactive. They then release more oil than normal.


To get rid of the scales apply the oil to the affected area before bath time and let it absorb as much as possible. The longer the better but a minimum of five minutes. Depending on the thickness of the hair use the bristles on the comb provided that suit best. For example thick hair use the wider spaced side. Gently and in one direction comb the hair, loosening the skin and removing the scales. Do not over comb or press hard as you may irritate the scalp. Do not force the crusty scales as this may make your baby's skin bleed. Wash hair as usual. 

Don't be worried if it returns after treatment it just means your baby is still producing extra oil. Commence with treatment again. It usually stops around 6-12 months. 


You should take your child to the GP if

  • It doesn't improve after a couple of weeks despite treating it
  • The rash is red and your baby seems irritated by it & trying to scratch it
  • It is spreading
  • You're in doubt that it is cradle cap