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Clip Carrier - Ochre - Chekoh

 2 safe and supportive carry styles Front Facing (chest-to-chest) and a Back Carry
 Made from our exclusive, in-house bamboo & linen fabric blend for a natural fit and feel.
 Neck & shoulder comfort and support with our padded shoulder straps to offer quick and easy adjustments for any size wearer.
 Safe and simple wear from a min age of 4mths (approx 5kgs) up to 15kgs and no extra bulk and excessive panelling, a lightweight and streamline carry for both you and your baby. 
Size inclusive, wear for any body with up to Aus Womens size 24 and Mens XXXL
 Machine washable - gentle low heat tumble dry in cotton mesh wash pouch provided 
 The IHDI acknowledges the Chekoh Clip Carrier as a "hip-healthy" product when used as directed.