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The Birthday Book - The birthday memory book to capture a snapshot of the first 18 years with your tiny VIP

Birthdays are a time for out-of-tune singing and wonky birthday cakes. They’re also a time to reflect on the achievements and the momentous leaps of the past 12 months. This birthday memory book puts your growing person centre stage with age-appropriate questions for self-reflection, room for party photos and words of wisdom. Grab your favourite pens, pencils or water-based markers and turn The Birthday Book into a keepsake that will speak volumes of the good times across 18 years of growing up in your loving family.

What makes this birthday memory book so cool?

As a child, there’s no better day than your birthday. Countless presents, all your favourite people and getting away with what usually is off limits. You’re VIP for a day! We say: Cash in on the excitement and sit down with your birthday person over a hot chocolate (or a leftover piece of cake).

Over 100 pages, the Monochrome Birthday Book grows with your ever-evolving human as you tick off this yearly milestone from birth all the way through to the 18th birthday.

As your little person matures, so does your birthday memory book. The fun, age-appropriate illustrations by Blueberry Co Founder, Chloe Watts, invite you and your little one to capture colour-filled memories as a team effort (even if you don’t call yourself a creative!). Every luxurious page is specifically designed to hold your memories at that point in time, while they give your kid space to answer all the timely questions floating around in their head right there and then on their birthday.

All you need to create your very own (and truly unique) birthday memory book are your favourite pens or markers and a few reflective minutes with the birthday VIP. Looking back at the cute answers and not-so-polished writing skills will be incredibly precious in years to come.

  • 100 spiral-bound A4 pages including:

    • 4 pages per birthday (1st to 18th)

    • Birthday snapshot pages (for a quick squiz)

    • The Birthday Cake Showcase

    • Yearly questions for the birthday VIP

    • Bonus sections: The birth and the 21st birthday (because they tend to be epic)

  • Monochrome make-me-your-own illustrations for colouring in

      • Acid-free PEFC certified paper (sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests): Artist quality 200gsm inner pages and 350gsm cover

      • Black and white design so you can truly make it your own

      • Expandable design that expands as you add life’s treasures

      • Easy to fill out so you can get on with making memories

      • British English spelling

      • A ‘mum and dad’-free zone (suitable for single parent and LGBTQ families too)

      • Designed, printed and bound in Australia by small businesses

    • Use with your favourite pens, pencils and water-based markers