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Baby Swim Nappy - Safari - Bubba Bump


Our reusable and adjustable swim nappies will make swim sessions a breeze with your bub!

Say goodbye to sopping wet disposable nappies and untimely accidents in the pool!  Our baby swim nappies have a three-layer design using waterproof fabric.

They are completely washable, reusable and leakproof.

They are adjustable for all baby sizes 3-24 months.

They are the perfect swimsuit or cover.  Our swim pants do not weigh your bubba down.

They are machine washable and can be tumble dried on low. Just like a disposable swim nappy, a reusable swim nappy is designed to catch only the number 2s. Swim nappies don’t contain any absorbency material, as they would otherwise also absorb water and swell up. The buttons can be adjusted to suit babies to toddlers