Nana Huchy

Baby Honey Bunny Boy - Navy - Nana Huchy


Baby Honey Bunny Boy is the trouble-making son of beekeepers Mr and Mrs Honey. Taking inspiration from his idol Peter Rabbit, he adores causing chaos. He & his sister are honey thieves and are forever being chased around the Honey Bunny property by swarms of angry bees. Poor Baby Honey Bunny Boy always seems to have a bee-sting or two on his little brown nose. When all is said & done, however, Baby Honey Bunny Boy & his sister are usually willing to lend a (sticky) paw to help Mum and Dad collect honey & honeycomb for the family business. 

Measures 20cm
Suitable for 0+

Gentle cold machine wash, do not tumble dry. For best results, wash outfit & toy separately.