Tales Upon a Star

A Star named after You - Keepsake Book


Join our adventurous boy and his adorable star friend, as they set off on their magical bedtime journey with "A Star Named After You"

A heartwarming bedtime story that reads like a gentle lullaby, taking you on a journey through life, guided by the stars above. 

In this charming picture book, a magical star ignites in the night sky on the night of your birth, bearing your name and becoming your lifelong companion. And thus begins your magical journey through life, guided by the loving light of your celestial friend.

From riding roller skates to sailing across stormy seas, your star shines brightly, illuminating your path and cheering you on through every adventure. Crafted with boundless love and adorned with whimsical illustrations, this charming children's picture book inspires every child to follow their heart, believe in themselves, and pursue their dreams with unwavering courage.

  • Soothing rhyming style, making it an ideal bedtime story that relaxes and calms an active mind.

  • Beautiful illustrations in soft watercolor, with plenty of detail to be spotted on every page, turning this book into a captivating read.

  • Star-inspired narrative, which provides peace and reassurance that you are never alone and are always guided and supported by your celestial friends.