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Letitia is a fiercely loyal tigress whose friends call her ‘Tesh’ for short. She is the go-to ‘party friend’ & is always up for a dance, especially at the Jungle Rumble Raves that she goes to every summer in the Amazon with Mani the Monkey. The two clubbing friends always have a competition of who can wear the most glowsticks at once but, unfortunately, with Mani’s long limbs, he always wins.

Alongside her dancing prowess, Tesh is also incredibly savvy & wants to start her own music management biz, representing all the up-and-coming talents the jungle scene has to offer. Luckily for Tesh, Mani’s older sister Maisie the Monkey is a wiz at all things biz & is mentoring Tesh on how to get started & put herself out there.

35cm high