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Picnies Outdoor Plates – Mermaid - We Might Be Tiny


Picnies® Plate Set Mermaid - Silicone outdoor dinnerware plates for the young and young-at-heart If you’ve been looking for an excuse to retire your flimsy plastic picnic plates and upgrade to the next level of outdoor dining style and luxury, then this is it.

We Might Be Tiny Picnies® Plates turn your poolside BBQs, playdates in the park and even long-overdue picnics with your grown-up besties into a semi-fancy affair.

Every Picnies® Set comes with 2 sturdy food-grade silicone plates ready to become your new picnic set staples or to keep handy whenever eating family dinner outside is simply more fun. And because they’re stackable, they take up minimal space in your home or out and about.