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Messie Smock Bib – Blue Gingham (Kid) - We Might Be Tiny


Introducing the Messie Long Sleeved Smock Bib – because mealtime messiness just got a whole lot cuter! 

 Get ready for messier adventures and crafty fun with our Messie Long Sleeved Smock Bib – now available in a larger size for your little helpers aged 3-6 years!

 Crafted with the signature We Might Be Tiny flair, this playful bib features a smock design that effortlessly keeps those adorable outfits mess-free. The Messie Long Sleeved Smock Bib is not just a lifesaver for parents; it's a stylish statement for your little fashionista.

 Details that matter: 

Ideal for ages 3-6 years

Long sleeves for all-around protection 

 Generous size: 92 x 50cm

Playful design that adds a touch of fun to every meal

No more worrying about paint splatters or floury fingerprints – our Messie Long Sleeved Smock Bib ensures your little artists and kitchen assistants stay clean and cute throughout their imaginative endeavours.

Crafted with love and playfulness, this bib is not just a practical addition to your child's wardrobe but a statement piece for those messy, marvellous moments. Embrace the chaos and let the creativity flow with We Might Be Tiny!