Pink Poppy

Disney Frozen Elsa Glitter Heart Wand - Pink Poppy


Inspired by ©Disney Frozen

Add a princess wand to your costume and let the fun begin! This Disney Frozen Elsa Glitter Heart Wand is a great addition to your favorite dress. Imagine how much fun you'll have waving this wand at your next princess party. You don't have to let the fun stop there! You can play princess with this wand any day of the year. All you need is a bit of imagination to bring your fairytale dreams to life.

Take hold of this Disney accessory and you can make all your wishes come true!

Featuring a lilac metallic base with sparkling iridescent silver glitter and Elsa printed on a large lilac heart gemstone, this wand is perfect for play pretend!

* Size: 7.5W x 31.5H x 1D cm

Feature 1: Elsa printed heart gemstone

Feature 2: Embellished with iridescent silver glitter

* Brand: Disney Frozen * Material: 80% ABS, 20% Acrylic

* Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth

* Age: Recommended for ages 3+