Baby Squeezy

Baby Squeezy - 3 in 1 Bath Tool, Teether & Toy - Flamingo - BabySqueezy DISCOUNTED

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BabySqueezy is a remarkable product designed to enhance your child's bathing experience, support their sensory and motor development, and provide relief during teething.

Made from 100% natural rubber, free from harmful chemicals, and easy to clean, BabySqueezy is the perfect companion for parents seeking a safe and more eco-friendly option for their little ones.

From newborn, BabySqueezy is a bath tool to assist parents with a more calming and relaxing bathing moment. It gives more control for a gentle bath, especially when washing your baby’s head.

As your child grows, BabySqueezy will support their sensory and motor development. During teething, soft textures will provide relief for sore gums.

When the time comes, BabySqueezy will be a fun companion during water play times!

BabySqueezy's soft, flexible rubber and textured surface offer teething relief, engage a baby's senses, and promote fine motor skills through both gripping and squeezing.



After use, wash BabySqueezy with clean water and leave it open to dry in a ventilated place.

Avoid methods like dishwashing, steam sterilizing, microwaving, or boiling, as they may damage the product.

BabySqueezy is made from 100% natural rubber sourced from rubber trees (Hevea).

BabySqueezy adheres to both Australian and International Standards, ensuring its safety and quality. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Never leave a child unattended. Always examine the product carefully before use and keep the packaging for instructions. Product contains natural rubber which may cause allergic reactions. Colours may vary, but have no effect on its function. Keep the product away from sunlight and heat sources.