A super helpful guide to starting your Maileg collection

A super helpful guide to starting your Maileg collection

Apr 13, 2023Lauren Rune

The magical world of Maileg is one of those childhood memories that will last a lifetime.

It starts with one tiny mouse in matchbox bed, and before your know it you are collecting every single piece in this stunning collection.

The attention to detail and quality is amazing, trust me when I say it gets addictive very fast!

What's the best way to start my collection?

I always recommend starting off with a mouse that represents your child. 

The mice that come in a matchbox are a great first option as they come with a ready made bed, complete with pillow and blanket. 

From there you can add on additional mice that complete your family (e.g. one that is Mum, Dad, and each of your children and some simple furniture to help them create and engage in make believe play. 

Some great first options are a bed, bathtub, closet, rug and chair. 

Maileg mice collection

What are the different sizes of mice available?

The mice come in a variety of sizes, outlined as below:

15cm - Mums and Dads, Grandparents, Kings and Queens

12cm - Big Brothers and sisters, Princesses and Princes, Hiker Mice, Maid & Waiter mice

10cm - Little Brothers and sisters, Superhero mouse

8cm - Baby mice - twins and triplets

Which bed should I choose for my mouse?

Maileg vintage double bed - fits two mice up to 15cm

Maileg vintage single bed - fits one mouse up to 12cm

Maileg wooden bed - fits one mouse up to 12cm

Maileg metal cot - fits one mouse up to 12cm

Maileg metal cradle - fits one mouse up to 10cm

Maileg wooden cradle - fits one baby mouse up to 8cm

What age are they suitable for?

Maileg are recommended for 3 and up due to small parts, however both my kids have loved playing with them from 2 years old, with close supervision. 

Great for girls and boys alike, I can promise you from experience these are one of our most played with toys in the house.

They can spend hours creating make believe play, tucking them into bed, making tea, feeding them, the possibilities are endless. I even love playing with them too!

They are so much fun and inspire creativity and imagination. 

What are some great options for a living room set-up?

Firstly think about where you are keeping all your Maileg.

Do you have a dedicated doll house, or are you having it open-ended on a shelf?

Make sure to check the measurements on each piece as some furniture is quite a bit larger than others.

I recommend a couch, fireplace and side table to create a cosy living space.

Extra tips for building your Maileg collection:

Purchase a small collection to begin with including a mouse, bed, bathtub, and chair so your child has enough pieces to begin imaginative play.

Add on more pieces for special occasions, such as birthdays or Christmas. Make sure you grab your favourites when you see them, as each year some items are discontinued to make way for new designs.

Don't forget about the small add-on's!

Some of our most played with Maileg items have been things like the teapot set, the groceries to go in the fridge, the lamp (it turns on and off!) and the baby pram. Think about how your kids will play with it all together and what will be fun for them. 

Why can't I find an item that I have seen before?

One of the great things about Maileg is that they are always refreshing and adding to their range. 

Every season Maileg will discontinue some older items to make way for new designs.

Sometimes it will be an update in clothing or accessories for a certain mouse, other times it's a complete new product - such as the camping collection.

In addition, it can take months for new shipments to arrive in Australia, so favourite items may be unavailable for us to re-stock for a while. Therefore it is important to collect your favourite pieces while you can!

Maileg collection

What does Maileg mean?

The name Maileg is formed by combining the surname of Maileg's founder, Dorthe Mailil, with 'leg', which is the Danish word for play. 

Maileg is pronounced My-Lye (to rhyme with sky or pie).

Toddler drinking smoothie from Subo bottle

Which doll house should I use for my Maileg?

There is a Maileg brand wooden doll house that comes complete with beautifully decorated walls. It measures 80cm x 72cm

Alternatively the IKEA Flisat doll house is a great option for beginners. It measures 50cm x 59cm.

Pictured here is the Joy Baby White Dollhouse, which is great for a larger Maileg collection. It measures 112cm x 83cm

Maileg doll house

Newest collection - Tricycle

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