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Glow Travel Sleep Easy - Glow Dreaming


Never leave home without your Glow Travel Sleep Easy 3 in 1 unit!

Small, compact and rechargable you can maintain your sleep routine on the go with the Pink Noise, Red LED light and a Scent Nebuliser!

The slim design of our unique travel unit will run all night with no need to use any water! Use for 2 or 4 hours, or let it run all night long.

What's in the Box

- Glow Travel Sleep Easy
- USBC Charger Cable
- 5 x Oil Pads
- 30-Night Money-Back Sleep Guarantee (Digital Product)t)

    • Compact and easy for travel.

    • Encourages the brain to produce more melatonin - the hormone that prepares our cells for sleep. (Red LED)

    • Organic pink noise creates a consistent soundscape to prevent unnecessary wake ups and help the brain achieve deep Slow-Wave sleep. (Pink Noise)

    • Long-life, rechargeable battery to support day naps and a full nights sleep.

    • No water needed for scent nebuliser and will run all night! Promotes deep, relaxing breathing and helps to ease congestion and illness.

    • Aromatherapy calms the mind and nervous system. (Aromatherapy)