Le Toy Van

George's Fire & Rescue Garage - Le Toy Van


Fuel a child's imagination with this fun fire & rescue garage. Made from durable, FSC®-certified wood, this engaging toy is the perfect fire and rescue headquarters for a little hero. Get ready for action-packed adventures with the included;

  • fire engine and helicopter,

  • working bell,

  • wind-up car lift,

  • wood composite ramps,

  • opening and closing the emergency door,

  • helipad, and parking bays.

With all these interactive features, Children will be ready for any emergency that comes their way. Built to last, this toy will provide endless hours of inspired play. Children will love pretending to be brave firefighters or daring rescue pilots, developing their imagination and creativity with every play session. 

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Product is constructed from: FSC®-certified wood (wood from sustainably managed forests) and decorated with child-safe water-based paints.