How to plan your wedding signs & stationary

How to plan your wedding signs & stationary

We all know how much time and effort is involved in planning the perfect wedding. The dress, venue, flowers, catering - the list goes on!

One of the most important aspects to consider (but often overlooked or forgotten until the last minute) is your signs and stationary. 

How will you let guests know where to sit? Do you have a hashtag you want them to use in social media? Will there be a guest book you want them to sign? Do you have a specific location for them to leave cards and gifts? 

It can all become quite overwhelming!

That's why we have created this simple but comprehensive guide to help you plan it all with ease (No last minute thoughts of 'Oh no, I've forgotten place cards!).

1. Invitations

This is the first essential item you will need to order. Guests should be notified 10-12 weeks before the big day, and expect RSVP's back no later than 4 weeks before the wedding. Why so early? Because knowing your final numbers is important for catering, as well as the next essential in this list: Seating Charts.

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2. Seating Chart / Place Cards

Seating charts are important to let your guests know where you would like them to sit. You could have anywhere from 4-30 tables, and is best if you plan in advance who you would like to sit together. A seating chart is ideal in a large A3 size, and can be placed on an easel or in a frame at the entrance to your reception for guests to check where they are assigned. If you have a rather large wedding and reception venue you may consider getting two copies made to place separately. Along with a seating chart you will need table numbers for each of your tables. Considering getting them double sided so guests can view it from either side of the table. These look fantastic in the middle of the table with a beautiful centrepiece. If you have a long table you may want to use two or three down the middle of the table. 

Custom Gold Foil Seating Chart

Gold, Copper or Silver Foil Table Numbers


Alternatively, if you choose to use place cards for each guest you probably won't need a seating chart. Individual place card names for each guest is a very personalised way to welcome them to your reception. You can have them customised to include first names only, first and last names, or nicknames. 

Custom Place Cards

3. Menu's

Usually at weddings the food takes some time to be allocated to every guest. It's a great idea to have a menu available for guests to see what they are going to be eating. You may choose to have different options available, where guests can let the waiters know what they would prefer. You may want to have just 1 or 2 larger sized menu's in the middle of the table, or a small (A6 size) menu in front of each guests plate. It's totally up to you!

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4. Welcome Sign

Make a great first impression as your guests arrive for the ceremony with a personalised welcome sign. Best in a large A3 size, you can have it framed or propped up against an easel. Include the Bride & Groom's names, wedding date, and any other special information you would like. Alternatively, an 'Our Love Story' sign is a romantic way to tell the story of the happy couple's big moments. 


         Our love story - gold foil                         Welcome sign - copper foil


5. Social Media sign

We all want to document our wedding day and there is no better way than creating a custom hashtag and getting all your guests to use it when tagging their photos. You will end up with so many special memories of the event. Place a sign at your reception venue to encourage guests to tag all their photos. 


      'Oh Snap' Gold Foil Instagram sign                   Copper Foil Social Media sign


These items are optional depending on the theme and style of your wedding. Below are some suggestions for additional signs you may want, depending on your needs.

1. Cards & Gifts

Most guests will bring along gifts or cards for the happy couple. Create a designated area for them to leave their presents. An alternate option is a 'wishing well' sign if you are expecting mostly cards to be given. 

Gold Foil 'Cards & Gifts' Sign

2. Guest Book sign

A great wedding momento is to have your guests create a book filled with their wishes and comments on the big day. It is also very popular to have a polaroid camera handy where guests can take funny photos of themselves and stick in the guest book with a comment. Below are some options for your Guest Book sign.


   Polaroid Guest Book sign - Copper Foil                Guest Book sign - Silver foil

3. Dance Floor Sign

A funny addition to the night is a sign near the dance floor to encourage your guests to get their groove on! 

'Trust me, you can dance' Gold foil print

4. Unplugged Ceremony

A lot of couples are now requesting guests turn off all mobile devices during the ceremony so as not to disrupt the special moment. It's a good idea to have a sign or two at your ceremony venue to remind them of this. You can also have the marriage celebrant announce it at the start of the vows.

'Unplugged Ceremony' gold foil wedding print


5. In Loving Memory

Most of us have special people in our lives that can't be present for the big day. A personal touch is to include a sign remembering them, it can even be personalised with specific loved one's names.


                 'Heaven' Gold foil print                         'In loving memory' copper print


6. CUSTOM signs

A lot of couples will have specific wording in mind for a sign that they can't find. The best way around this is to get a custom sign made, choose your own wording, font and foil colours to create a personalised sign exactly as you want it. 



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Here at Peppa Penny we absolutely love being a part of your special day, and can create unique foil prints for your wedding. Please feel free to browse our range, or pop through an email with any special requests!

xx Ashlea

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