Top Tips for Taming Toddler Hair

Top Tips for Taming Toddler Hair

Jul 20, 2023Lauren Rune

As Laney was born with basically a full head of hair I had to quickly learn how to tame it! 

After almost 3 years of practice I have learnt what to do (and what not to do!)


Below you will find some of my top tips and product recommendations to make your little ones hair look gorgeous with minimal effort.


Tip 1:
First step - get all those knots out!
The most important tools you need are a detangling brush and detangling spray.
You don't want your little one to be resistant to brushing and styling, so ensuring it doesn't pull and tug when you are brushing is paramount.

Hair detangler
Tip 2:
Style their hair while wet or damp.
As toddlers hair is usually fine with lots of flyaways it can be very difficult to work with while dry.
Grab yourself a reusable spray bottle to fill with plain water - spray until wet - but not soaking.
Make sure to use a tail comb to seperate sections - it makes it so much easier!

Tip 3:
Choose the right hair ties!
For very fine baby hair (think first topknots and small pigtails) you need to use the Mini Elastic Hair ties. Available in both clear and pastel, you get approx. 1000 in each jar. 

This is good because a great way to remove them is just snip them out at the end of the day. 
Your little one doesn't have much hair right now so why risk pulling more out when trying to remove a hair elastic. 
One pack of these should easily last you until their hair thickens up and you can move to fabric hair ties. 
Tip 4:
Once your child's hair starts to get a bit thicker and heavier you will need to move up to some bigger hair ties. 
The seamless elastic fabric style comes in two sizes - so you can choose which one suits your child's hair thickness. 
These are much easier to slide out of your little one's hair and re-use over and over again.
Make sure you also add some No Nasties Alcohol free hair spray - perfect for slicking back those baby hairs and flyaways. 

Tip 5: 
Bows and clips are your friends!
With baby and toddler hair there is always a lot of fine new hairs growing at the front which are hard to keep neat. 

Using cute bows and clips to keep flyaways at bay is the perfect (and adorable!) answer. 

They also look super cute in pigtails and ponytails as pretty accessories. 

Extra Tips!

Make sure you provide plenty of entertainment to get your kids to sit still!

There is no point attempting gorgeous new hair styles if they move after 30 seconds. 
Keep some special toys that are only brought out at styling time.

If they are still the right age for a high chair pop them in with some snacks and toys - the Fat Brain Whirly Squigz are great as they suction on to the high chair tray and keep them super entertained!

For kids no longer using high chairs I recommend getting them some breakfast organised first then pop on their favourite show for 10 minutes so you can style without interruption!

Some cute hairstyles to try:

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