How to create a special 1st birthday party for your little one

How to create a special 1st birthday party for your little one

May 11, 2023Lauren Rune

One of the most significant milestones in your babies life is their first birthday. But how do you celebrate this special occasion?

We have compiled some tips and tricks to make planning their first birthday easy and stress free. 

"Without realising it, those small precious moments turn into precious memories. Cherish each and every one"

What to consider when planning the party:

  • Who to invite

  • What time to have the party

  • What to dress my baby in

  • Where to have the party

  • Theme / decorations

  • Food and drink

  • Cake smash tips

  • Presents

Who to invite:

When deciding on your guest list take your babies needs and temperament into account. Do they love lots of attention and happy in large groups? Or would they prefer a smaller, more family oriented party? 

Also consider who has experience with kids and will roll with the punches when the unexpected happens - like your baby deciding a nap right before the cake is cut is a great idea!

What time to have the party:

When you decide on a time for your babies party it's important to take their nap time into account. 

Most people prefer a morning event, usually 10 or 11am. Keep it fairly short - 2 hours is good for small kids.

All the sensory stimulation and social interaction should tire your little one out fairly quickly. Then pop them down for a long nap while you clean up!

What to dress my baby in:

If you are doing a cake smash (and I highly recommend you do - it makes for the best photos!) then having two outfits is best.

Choose one main outfit that will be worn for the majority of the day - this can be as fancy or as simple as you like. 

Have a second outfit on hand for the cake smash. I recommend a neutral colour, so the cake design stands out and is the focus of the photos (along with your gorgeous baby!)

Also adding on one of our gorgeous number 1 party hats makes your photos super adorable and memorable.

Where to have the party:

I personally find first birthday parties easiest to host at home. You can plan in advance, have everything your baby needs on hand and everything is already baby-proofed for other young guests. 

Alternatively you could plan it for a local park or playground area, depending on the age of other guests. If lots of other crawling/just walking babies are coming, then home is probably best. If older kids are attending, a park could be great for entertaining them. 


You could choose a specific theme - think dinosaurs, mermaids, safari, princess, sprinkles, rainbow - the options are endless!

Alternatively you could keep decorations simple and just celebrate with balloons and a gorgeous cake topper for the cake.

Birthday balloons are always a hit with kids - get a large number 1 to take photos with a few bunches with weights to prop around the space. I also usually blow up some loose ones to scatter around as kids love playing and chasing them!

Food & Drink:

With kids around, it’s smart to steer clear of anything too fancy or messy. Instead, opt for finger foods and light-coloured drinks (to avoid stains!).

 Be wary of allergies too; ask in advance if certain foods should be avoided altogether.

Fruit platters are great for young kids, along with crust-free sandwich bites and mini cookies. 

Don't forget a cake too - one for the rest of the guests and one for the cake smash!

Cake Smash Tips:

  • Keep your backdrop nice and simple. Choose a plain wall, with good lighting. Outside is best, or beside a large window inside. Use a neutral coloured rug underneath. 
  • Have everything set up before adding baby into the photo. Sometimes they dig straight in - and you want to capture those first moments!
  • If you can afford it - hire a photographer. They will capture the best images of your little ones special day.
  • Make sure they are wearing their adorable party hat!


For a first birthday it's great to get a mix of both practical and fun presents.

Think of things you will need to use - like dinnerware, bath products, new outfits.

Also make sure to get a few fun toys - there are so many available that help spark curiosity and assist with hand eye coordination. 

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