How to successfully de-clutter your home

How to successfully de-clutter your home

  We've all been there. Those items we think we absolutely need to keep and will use one day. The items shoved in the back of cupboards. The gifts given that were never displayed. Nostalgia can keep you holding on to objects even when you know they are past their prime. 

In order to enjoy and appreciate your best home items you need to get rid of the unnecessary ones. I must admit, I love throwing away old objects. It gives me a sense of organisation and accomplishment (I definitely get this from my Mum). But even for me there are items that I probably should let go of but never do, even after moving house 5 times!

To help organise myself I created this chart below, which helped me decide what I should keep or throw away in just a few short questions. 

I am making this available to all my fellow ladies who may have the same issue with clutter. TRUST ME - you will feel so much better once it's done and appreciate your most special and treasured pieces a lot more.

How to successfully de-clutter your homeIf you would like to download a copy of the Home Editing Chart you can do so here


 Now that you have cleared out the unwanted clutter, you may find yourself asking, how do I keep it this way? The simple answer is: neat storage solutions. 



1. Make use of walls

Even if you only have a small space, hanging shelving is the easiest way to add extra storage space to a room. 

H&G leather strap shelf


2. Use storage baskets

Storage baskets like the ones below are a simple & on trend way to keep messy objects hidden in a room. 


     Ollie Ella leather handle basket natural      Ollie Ella Pom Pom Basket      Ollie Ella leather handle basket black

Leather Handle Basket Natural        Pom Pom Basket        Leather handle basket black


3.  Make sure to have only your favourite items on display 

Keep all sideboards, buffets & bedside tables clutter-free, with only your beautiful objects to be seen


Blanc stem vase marble basics

Marble Basics Blanc stem vase 


Until next time xx

Lauren & Ashlea

Peppa Penny



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