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How to design a modern nursery

How to design a modern nursery 0

Upon learning I was going to become a Mum recently I realised that although I love home decor I knew NOTHING about nurseries and how to style them, let alone what I would need to buy in order to make that happen. 
So over the past few months I have read blog upon blog, bought tonnes of baby magazines, filtered through endless Pinterest & Instagram posts and sourced a gorgeous range of nursery decor items for our store to make your job much easier.
There are really just 5 simple steps to take to turn an empty room into a gorgeous & stylish nursery space 
1. Choose your colour palette first - This will make the rest of your job SO much easier. Smaller sized rooms such as nurseries look much more put together when only 2-3 colours are used. It also makes searching for the products you want to put in there simpler. In my case I found out I was having a girl so chose Pink & Grey as my primary colours ( It's not to say you can't add a splash of something different in but mostly stick to these for a cohesive look ) 
Pink & Grey themed nursery
2. Decide on your cot - The cot you choose will be your little ones bed for the next 2-3 years so it should be sturdy and made from quality materials. Many cots these days can also be converted into toddler beds so decide whether that is something you would be looking for. The mattress should be firm and fit snugly so that little hands cannot get trapped & it's a good idea if the mattress height can be adjusted for when they get older.
On top of all of this you of course also want it to look gorgeous! I fell in love with this Scandi style Teeny Cot which is gender neutral and has all of the above features.
Teeny cot scandinavian style
3. Invest in a canopy -  Although a canopy is not a necessity for a baby it can really make a nursery come alive. They look beautiful hanging over or near the cot while your new addition is little and then when they get older can be styled in a corner of the room as a play area with cushions, books & toys. Mobiles & lights can be added for that special touch also. 
4. Make a play area -  It won't be long before your newborn will be able to move around  and will need a little play area. This is really simple to do by just adding a plush play mat & some cute cushions to the floor. Belly Baskets are a great way to store extra toys as well & look super cute. 
5. Personalise the room with Wall Art -  Prints & Posters add that special touch to a nursery and help fill in any blank space. We make a range of Foil Prints here at Peppa Penny and can personalise them to suit your decor. Our birth prints with custom names & dates are especially popular! To top it off hang them in a magnetic wooden frame instead of a traditional style. 
There you have it! 
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Lauren & Ashlea’s top picks for Summer Home styling

Lauren & Ashlea’s top picks for Summer Home styling 0

There’s nothing more exciting than giving your home a design make over 

Whether your house is a brand newbie, or you’re wanting to give your existing space a new lease on life , we can help show you easy ways to do it

Even small changes or additions can bring a whole new lease to a room & make you smile every time you walk in 

Here are our top twin picks for this Summer :

Summer Style Picks


INDOOR PLANTS : Why not bring the beautiful outdoors in! The humble house plant is well and truly back on trend as it instantly freshens & brightens a space with greenery & texture. Plants also naturally cleanse the air & increase the oxygen purity in your home.

Indoor pot plant styled

Depending on your climate & the space you need to fill there are multitudes of species available which will suit your needs. We adore the Fiddle Leaf Fig which has large, glossy leathery leaves and can grow to around 2 metres tall making it a real feature piece. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig Potted

All you need is a stunning pot with a suitable indoor plant to add a splash of colour to a room. Arc & Family are a Brisbane based business who hand make unique & wonderful pots ( which can be indoor or outdoor by the way! ) They come in a variety of sizes and colours 

Indoor pots Arc & Family


BELLY BASKETS : Storage has never been so stylish with the amazing range of Belly Baskets that are now available. Whether they are natural, dipped in colour, dripping tassels or adorned with pom poms - the varieties are endless! 

Pom Pom Belly Basket

The lightweight baskets are perfect for storing toys, linen, magazines, laundry and plants. They also look super styling sitting by themselves! We love the earthy, handmade feel that they bring to the home while still having a contemporary vibe.

We are in love with Olli Ella's range of delicious designs which are fair trade and handmade from seagrass. 

Olli Ella Belly Basket range


KNOT CUSHIONS: To say that we are obsessed with knot cushions is a bit of an understatement. Based on the traditional nautical knot design this trend is definitely on the rise. Plump, cushy & unique these gorgeous cushions will definitely give your space an instant style update. 

Navy knot cushion on bed

Pile them up on a sofa or add one to a bed among a nest of other playful cushions for a unique & stylish look. We love that when you first glance at one it completely catches your eye as an unusual shape & design. 

Pink knot cushion in nursery

Our top pick is the range from Hang It Designs which are all completely hand sewn & stuffed in Melbourne. They are made from a gorgeous cotton blend making them super soft to touch, squeeze and sleep on! Multitudes of colours make it easy to choose one to go with your interior 

Knot cushion stack


SHEEPSKINS:  The classic sheepskin is the perfect addition any time of the year! The luxurious texture & variety of uses makes it a must have for everyone 

Traditionally only available in white, you can now style in taupe, pink and many other colours - so cute! 

Taupe sheepskin merino rug

Spots to get cosy with your sheepskin // Lay it on your floor as a cosy throw rug // Have an extra layer draped across an occasional chair // Throw over the end of a bed for added luxe // Pop onto a seating bench for softness // Cushion a dining or office chair // Use as a soft & stylish throw on your sofa 

nursery with white sheepskin

Australian Merino Sheepskins are super soft and luxe to the touch. Available in 3 designer colours for a pop of softness and style 

merino sheepskin throws


We hope you found some inspiration & happiness from this blog xx 

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Lauren & Ashlea 







How to successfully de-clutter your home

How to successfully de-clutter your home 0

  We've all been there. Those items we think we absolutely need to keep and will use one day. The items shoved in the back of cupboards. The gifts given that were never displayed. Nostalgia can keep you holding on to objects even when you know they are past their prime. 

In order to enjoy and appreciate your best home items you need to get rid of the unnecessary ones. I must admit, I love throwing away old objects. It gives me a sense of organisation and accomplishment (I definitely get this from my Mum). But even for me there are items that I probably should let go of but never do, even after moving house 5 times!

To help organise myself I created this chart below, which helped me decide what I should keep or throw away in just a few short questions. 

I am making this available to all my fellow ladies who may have the same issue with clutter. TRUST ME - you will feel so much better once it's done and appreciate your most special and treasured pieces a lot more.

How to successfully de-clutter your homeIf you would like to download a copy of the Home Editing Chart you can do so here


 Now that you have cleared out the unwanted clutter, you may find yourself asking, how do I keep it this way? The simple answer is: neat storage solutions. 



1. Make use of walls

Even if you only have a small space, hanging shelving is the easiest way to add extra storage space to a room. 

H&G leather strap shelf


2. Use storage baskets

Storage baskets like the ones below are a simple & on trend way to keep messy objects hidden in a room. 


     Ollie Ella leather handle basket natural      Ollie Ella Pom Pom Basket      Ollie Ella leather handle basket black

Leather Handle Basket Natural        Pom Pom Basket        Leather handle basket black


3.  Make sure to have only your favourite items on display 

Keep all sideboards, buffets & bedside tables clutter-free, with only your beautiful objects to be seen


Blanc stem vase marble basics

Marble Basics Blanc stem vase 


Until next time xx

Lauren & Ashlea

Peppa Penny